Automation that makes sense

Control your whole environment with a single device.


What is it?

LightSense is an RGB Led light pimped up with a whole lot of gizmos. It replaces 80% of your current environment Automation devices and controls the rest.
And It’s as simple as replacing a light bulb.

LightSnese is the most convenient, affordable and smartest device you will ever own

LightSense enables you to connect to and control any environment from anywhere any time. However, LightSense is not just a IOT device, it is a complete platform of cloud applications, AI and IOT Data Collection and Analysis. LightSense overcomes the complexity of Automation and provides the easiest and most convenient solution yet. with support of any mobile device and platform, lightSense allows you to automate your life with a simple change of a light bulb


LightSense enables you to connect to and control your home or office from anywhere.



LightSense limitless possibilities

Home Automation with different configurations for each area and function

Retail stores security, environment control, NFC authentication and payment control,Geofencing marketing and customer preference analytics

Manufacturing and large supply chains with object and people recognition, security, access control and location tracking

Companies, education, healthcare, telecom, banking: meeting room automation, security and access control,hands free attendence, RTLS...

For public spaces (Airports, Malls, Governments, streets: Security, crowd and trafic management, terror threat detection, monitoring

And much more to come

We Build Customized IoT Solutions

For Business Partners

lightSense platform is modular,versatile and scalable. we offer customized B2B and B2B2C solutions consisting of lightSense hardware, software and analytics

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Wizard of Invention

LightSense TEAM

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Any questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
We’re here for you.


Before you ask a question, check our FAQ


  • Can I control any device with LIGHTSENSE?
    Our goal is to work with every off-the-shelf smart device you can purchase. LIGHTSENSE includes a Zigbee/ZWave controller and can connect to any WIFI, BT and NFC capable devices.
  • Can I monitor and control devices from anywhere?
    Yes, LIGHTSENSE is a connected device. no matter where you are you can connect to LIGHTSENSE via the internet to monitor and control all of your connected devices.
  • Do you plan on supporting Windows Phone?
    Currently we are planning native IOS and Android versions. However, our web based version uses responsive design and therefore you can still use windows phone browser to control your environment. a windows phone version will come next.
  • Does it work wirelessly?
    Light Sense works wirelessly using any of these protocols (WIFI, 3/4/5G, BT, Zigbee/Zwave and NFC). it also serves as a WIFI access point and range extender.
  • Does LIGHTSENSE consume a lot of energy?
    LIGHTSENSE is eco-conscious. IT is power-efficient, and consumes very little energy. it uses low energy BT and electronic components and efficient LED lights. you can compare its energy consumption to a conventional incandescent lightbulb of the same intensity
  • is LIGHTSENSE only for home automation?
    NO. LIGHTSENSE is intended for many uses both recreational and for business applications. Its only limit is your own creativity. We encourage you to use LIGHTSENSE wherever you think it may be suitable. And if you do so, let us know, we may improve the system so it fits better there.
  • How do I pair devices?
    Any compatible smart device you add to your environment within range is automatically discovered by LIGHTSENSE. after you add your device, open your LIGHTSENSE application and you get notified of a new device added and asks you if you want to control it. it is that simple.
  • How does LIGHTSENSE work?
    LIGHTSENSE works like conventional Automation Hubs. Devices within range can be controlled directly with the LIGHTSENSE mobile app. in addition, LIGHTSENSE includes many sensors and functions that replace many conventional automation devices that you can control directly.
  • How is the SmartHub powered?
    The LIGHTSENSE has a standard power supply.
  • I have a device you don’t work with. How can I request it?
    We’re constantly extending the list of devices we work with, so let us know which one is of your interest and we will try to make it happen.
  • Is buying LIGHTSENSE a one-time payment or does it have any hidden costs?
    Our goal is to make LIGHTSENSE an affordable set of devices for everyone. There will be no hidden costs, at all. Also, we’ve decided to offer the mobile app for free.
  • Is it hard to use?
    Simplicity is Beauty "Simplicite fait beaute". LIGHTSENSE is the simplest device you will ever use. just plug it in a conventional lightbulb fixture, scan your device code in your mobile app and you are ready to go.
  • Is it necessary to have a working Internet connection to use LIGHTSENSE?
    LIGHTSENSE includes functions that work without Internet connection to any network and use BT and NFC for authentication and direct communication. IF you are on premises LIGHTSENSE uses local WIFI and Zigbee/Zwave networks. However, LIGHTSENSE does require access to the Internet for remote operation.
  • Is the LIGHTSENSE ecosystem safe?
    Security in automation is of the outmost importance. We have given it our most attention and designed our system to be as safe as current technology permits using encription and netwrok security protocols. having said that, we beleive that hackers will have a way to breach any security.NASA, NSA or CIA are being hacked. so don't expect miracles. however LIGHTSENSE encourages certain practices to secure your network and therfore enhance your security.
  • I’ve just received the LIGHTSENSE set, how do I start it up?
    Remove packaging, plug it in, scan the QR code, install application, configure and go.
  • What is LIGHTSENSE?
    Put simply, LIGHTSENSE is a complete environment automation in a light bulb. however, LIGHTSENSE is far from simple. it can be used anywhere from home to businesses, public spaces, roads, airports, malls, hospitals... the possibilities for LIGHTSENSE are limitless. LIGHTSENSE is modular and will have many add on modules to cover specific requirements. LIGHTSENSE is smart. it is a learning device that learns from usage scenarios. LIGHTSENSE includes advanced computer vision, analytics and artificial intelligence to allow for functionalities unseen so far for an automation device so simple and affordable. the LIGHTSENSE ecosystem is huge and integrates not only with other smart devices but with business software to provide seamless integration and functionality.
  • What operating system do I need to have in order to control LIGHTSENSE using my computer?
    LIGHTSENSE works on any device with a web-based interface regardless of the operating system. You’ll be able to use it with the OS of your choice, from Linux and OS X to Windows and Chrome OS.
  • What smartphones are supported?
    LIGHTSENSE can be used with any IOS or android smarphone. however, to use the best of what LIGHTSENSE has to offer, your smart phone needs to have BT, NFC, 4G. LIGHTSENSE supports iOS 7.0 or higher and Android 4.3 or higher.
  • Where can I purchase LIGHTSENSE?
    LIGHTSENSE is Currently in the development stage, if you like it and want to see it happen, you will have a chance to pre-order via our crowd funding campaign coming spring 2017.

    eventually LIGHTSENSE will be sold via our webstore, other online stores like Amazon, Ebay, Ali and even in conventional stores. we will keep you updated on where it will be available in a location near you.
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